not in the third person

I was born into a family of Harrisburg area artists. I am a fourth-generation painter who was introduced to drawing and painting through the work of my mother, grandmother, and great-grandfather. My great-grandfather, Harvey Lambert, enjoyed a modest following because of his beloved religious paintings which can be found in several churches and private collections throughout the country. 

My mother continually nurtured my creativity and, selflessly, allowed me to attend art school knowing it was what caught my heart. 

After graduating from Moore College of Art and Design, I stayed in the Philadelphia area while making a few cross-country trips sketching and painting. The lushness and light of our nation’s varied landscape set me on the path of rendering nature from a unique perspective. 

I have since then opened myself up to other subjects: mind, spirit, place, and culture are a few.

I am presently at work on a series based on the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum which is set to be completed by the Spring of 2022.

me amongst the paintings.jpg